18th traditional ascent on mountain Krim (1.107m)

On Saturday, June 15th, the Omega Air Sport and Recreation Club organised the traditional 18th ascent of the mountain Krim (1.107m). The 18th annual ascent on mountain Krim included cycling and hiking.

ascent on krim 18
We made sure that we looked as cool as possible, with matching jerseys to create good atmosphere. The ascent was attended by 150 participants: 9 female and 35 male cyclists and 45 female and 61 male hikers which faced the steep trail in sunny weather. 

Lining up at the start, we took off steadily. Better-prepared cyclists and hikers quickly built up a very hard pace. The cycling course was relatively non-technical. The 14 km stage was short but still intense. The 10km ascent for hikers was also intense but when we all finally got to the top, the views were so rewarding!

After the race, we moved on the banks of the Ljubljanica river, where trophies and rewards were handed out to the best cyclists and hikers; followed by the social part of the event, during which the participants competed in various social games, with the sports aimed mostly at getting to know the other participants and spending time with them.

We believe that consuming a full measure of positive energy helps to achieve goals in private and business life.

vzpon na krim

vzpon na krim 18

vzpon na krim dosezki