carbon capture and use Read more 24.7.2023

Carbon capture and use with Omega Air systems

This technique, which can also be called "carbon valorization", is the process of capturing gaseous carbon dioxide (CO2) present in an industrial or agro-food process and further processing it, with the aim of reusing it in a local process or reselling it.

carbon capture storage Read more 17.11.2022

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage

For a couple of months now, CO2 has been under the spotlight, for two main reasons, that will change the world market of this gas forever.

container units Read more 16.5.2022

Container and SKID units (Air+, O2, N2)

OMEGA AIR introduces a new, plug and play container and SKID units, which can perfectly match your exact requirements depending on which type of gas you need. Main benefits: Saving time and money, modularity, saving space, flexibility and the system is tested before dispatch.

electrolysis production of hydrogen Read more 26.4.2022

Electrolysis (Hydrogen) and anaerobic digestion (Biogas)

Omega Air is one of the last true independent European manufacturers of Air & Gas Treatment. This independence, coupled with our R&D department and production capacity, allows us to be present and invest in a lot of different markets and projects.

sorbeo ms10 o2 800 Read more 26.1.2022

Addition to the adsorbent category: the SORBEO MS10 O2

We are constantly expanding our product portfolio and are pleased to announce our newest addition in the category of adsorbents: SORBEO MS10 O2

gas dryers and generators Read more 25.10.2021

Compressed gas dryers and generators

Committed since its beginnings for the environment and renewable or alternative energy sources, Omega Air presents today its range of dryers and filters for compressed gases, in their broadest sense.

new products omega air Read more 18.5.2021

New products incoming! RDL dryers and Pro Paint filters

Omega Air is constantly looking to enrich its products' portfolio and our R&D is working full-time! Today, we are pleased to present the two newest additions to our catalogue: the RDL series of refrigeration dryers and the upgraded version of our ProPaint series of filters – now portable.

AOK 20 SS atex Read more 14.10.2020

Automatic condensate drain for ATEX applications

AOK20SS EX is our newest automatic condensate drain for ATEX applications. Robust stainless steel housing assures easy installation and reliable operation under most demanding operating conditions. Condensate is discharged from the system without any losses of compressed air thanks to advanced design of internals which are made from stainless steel as well.

refrigeration dryer Read more 20.7.2020

Refrigeration compressed air dryers - RDP series

After months of hard work, we are proud to announce new refrigeration compressed air dryers - RDP series. We are updating our range with even more products of our own production.

n gen coffee Read more 17.10.2018

Media write about us

OMEGA AIR, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of filters and compressed air equipment, recently completed the installation of a custom nitrogen (N2) generator for a client in the coffee packing business. In order to preserve the aromas and extend the shelf-life of the coffee, the client required a generator which could guarantee 99.86% purity N2 in all operating conditions – inclusive of hot summer days.

dryers omega air Read more 18.3.2015

New products - Dryers

OMEGA AIR is introducing new manufacturing program of adsorption dryers.

rdry1 Read more 18.3.2015

R-DRY Heat regenerated adsorption dryer

R-DRY series is suitable for applications where energy efficient operation is required. It uses electrical energy for regeneration of the adsorbent and it has practically no purge air losses.