New products - Dryers

OMEGA AIR is introducing new manufacturing program of adsorption dryers.

OMEGA AIR dryers
Adsorption dryers are more and more important in compressed air industry and they are used in many applications all around the world. Dry compressed air is one of the most important things, which many industries needs for their operation.
The new series of adsorption dryers make our wide portfolio  of compressed air treatment products complete. With introduction of Omega air adsorption dryers we will be able to offer you complete range for optimal and high quality compressed air.

We introduce you different types of adsorption dryers:
- heatless adsorption dryers (A-dry, B-dry, F-dry series),
- modular adsorption dryers (X-dry series),
- heat regenerated adsorption dryers (R-dry series),
- high pressure adsorption dryers (HP-dry),
- hybrid adsorption dryers (Com-dry range).

We are sure that with our wide range of dryers you will be able to find the right equipment for any application and for any market around the world. We are here to give you the best support.
Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you need more information about our new Omega air adsorption dryers range.

Yours, OMEGA AIR team.