R-DRY Heat regenerated adsorption dryer

R-DRY series is suitable for applications where energy efficient operation is required. It uses electrical energy for regeneration of the adsorbent and it has practically no purge air losses.

Considering running costs of a standard heatless regenerated adsorption dryer, you can save a lot of money when investing in one of our heat regenerated adsorption dryers R-DRY series dryers.

R-DRY 400-20000 heat regenerated adsorption dryers have been designed for continuous separation of water vapour from compressed air thus lowering the dew point. R-Dry dryers have two columns that operate alternately. Adsorption takes place under pressure in the first column while the second column regenerates with heated ambient air or a purge airflow. The dryer consists of two columns, filled with desiccant beads, blower, heater, a controller with an HMI display, valves, manometers, and support construction. A proven and robust design enables an efficient and reliable operation, fast installation and simple maintenance.

Energy saving dew point dependent control (DPD) 
R-DRY dryers are designed for “full load” at pre-determined operating conditions (flow, pressure, temperature). However in reality “full load” is typically not present all the time meaning that the dryer is operating under partial load. In this case, the adsorption cycle can be extended. If the R-DRY dryer is equipped with dew point dependent sensor (available as optional equipment) it can detect when the load is reduced at which point the controller automatically adjusts the cycles so that energy consumption is reduced to a minimum. 

Energy saving cooling in vacuum mode 
R-Dry series dryers are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. A large amount of energy can be wasted during desorption. That is why the R-Dry series uses ambient air during the cooling phase. The use of ambient air reduces the cooling time. The air is sucked (vacuumed) through a filter and follows from the bottom to the top of the column. Drying the adsorbent in this way means that there is no purge required. 

Closed loop cooling
In case ambient temperature or ambient air humidity is too high regeneration with ambient air is no longer possible. This limitation can easily be solved by cooling the adsorbent in a closed loop. Such a solution assures stable dew point even at warmer and very humid climatic conditions. 

Heat of compression
The heat of compression dryers do not need any additional source of energy to regenerate the adsorbent as they fully or partially utilise the heat generated during compression of the air in the compressor. Adsorption, as well as regeneration, take place under pressure meaning no compressed air is wasted for depressurisation. 

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