New products incoming! RDL dryers and Pro Paint filters

Omega Air is constantly looking to enrich its products' portfolio and our R&D is working full-time! Today, we are pleased to present the two newest additions to our catalogue: the RDL series of refrigeration dryers and the upgraded version of our ProPaint series of filters – now portable.

refrigerated dryer
RDL dryers – For lower flowrates, you do not necessarily need a stainless steel evaporator and an electronic drain in your dryer (all those features being standard for our RDP series).

A higher dew point (+5 °C / +7 °C / +10 °C instead of +3 °C) is also acceptable for certain applications, which will make you save money and energy compared to the more advanced solution.

For those reasons, we developed, tested and started manufacturing (all in-house) the RDL series: to come even closer to our customers' needs and to provide tailor-made solutions, depending on their installation. Our RDL series of refrigerated dryers cover flow rates from 35 - 235 m3/h and are designed for operation at ambient temperatures up to +45 °C and maximum inlet air temperature 55 °C.

The icing on the cake? We use our special zero loss condensate drain AOK 13PA, perfectly adapted for those dryers: compact, robust and ultra-efficient.


pro paint filter set
PP filters – Some paint applications are dictated by flexibility: because your job has multiple points of use, you need to have a portable solution. That is where our portable set of filters, regulator and couplings comes in: it can follow the operator wherever she/he goes, and still provide top air quality (class 2-3-1 according to ISO 8573-1), perfectly suitable for painting. The flow capacity of our painting air filtration system is 78 Nm3/h.

The icing on the cake? Our new cataphoretic coated filter housings AAF, providing maximum protection and security to your process.


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