Custom made compressed air dryers available

Omega Air is a producer of custom made refrigeration and adsorption compressed air dryers, even for high pressure applications.

Dry air is important. In almost every process, clean and dry compressed air will result in lower operating costs. Impurities such as solid particles, water and oil, which are in the air will be deposited on the inner surfaces of pipes fittings and inner components, causing an increase in pressure drop. The result is undesired loss of performance efficiency. Some Examples:

R-DRY 10000 BP - HEAT REGENERATION, COOLING WITH PURGE (Custom made adsorption compressed air dryer for Food industry) - Thailand

R-DRY 1600 BVL - CLOSED LOOP HEAT REGENERATION DRYER for production of viscose, Indonesia

R-DRY 1600 BP - BLOWER PURGE HEAT REGENERATED DRYER for production of cosmetics (lipsticks and perfumes), Indonesia

F-DRY 3750 - ADSORPTION COMPRESSED AIR DRYER  for cement production application, Poland

HP-DRY 650 - HIGH PRESSURE ADSORPTION DRYER for oil rick in Norwegian sea

X-DRY 300 - MODULAR ADSORPTION DRYER for Railway, Romania

COM-DRY 1000 - REFRIGERANT ADSORPTION DRYER for Sugar factory, France


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