Custom-Made Pressure Tanks - Quality and Expertise at Omega Air

We are delighted to introduce another aspect of our rich production capacities: our welding shop, your expert partner in the fabrication of custom-made pressure tanks since 1991. With our expertise in welding and metal fabrication, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific pressure tank needs.

custom made pressure vessel

Quality process
• Design in collaboration with customer – validation of drawings and design before production
• High-quality materials, including 316L stainless steel and carbon steel
• Exhaustive Databook
Precision welding
• Advanced welding techniques (TIG, MIG, arc welding)
• Certified and experienced welders (PED, ASME and others)
• Rigorous inspection to ensure tank integrity and safety

Turnkey solutions
• Design, fabrication, and installation
• Testing and certification in compliance with international standards (PED, ASME, ISO)
• Large portfolio of…
 …pressures: 0-100 barg
 …temperatures: -190°C/+300°C (standard: -20°C/+50°C)
 …diameters: up to 2500mm
 …volumes: up to 60m3
 …medias: fluid groups 1 and 2

drainage tank unit  tank for turbo washing unit  Expansion tank for heating circuit 

In a nutshell, why choose Omega Air for your custom pressure vessels?
• Technical expertise: Over 30 years of experience in pressure tank fabrication and references in some of the most demanding projects in the world
• Quality and reliability: Adherence to the highest industry standards
• Custom solutions: Tailored to your specific needs, regardless of industry and application
• Dedicated customer service: Attentive to your requirements and supportive throughout your project


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