Dimensioning of compressed air systems

Every compressed air system is an individual project with unique requirements. Since compressed air production is expensive, lack of experience in design can result in a significant increase in operating costs of the system. Any small mistake, such as a significant pressure drop in the system may result in additional costs and substantially lower system efficiency.

dimensioning of compressed air systems

Improperly selected equipment may also cause failure or degraded performance of other system components.

The result is always the same:
- Inadequate quality of the air outlet,
- Inadequate operating parameters,
- Inadequate quality of the final product or production process.

Omega Air has extensive process know-how that will save you money. Efficient compressed air quality management pays off!

In addition to significant production benefits, you will get maximum uptime, lower operating costs, higher end-product quality and long service life of your tools and devices.

Omega Air has the cutting-edge solutions you need for compressed air cleaning, cooling and drying for all processing stations throughout your plant. Our solutions will cut your costs and increase quality at every stage.

Designing a new compressed air system requires precise information on the estimated air quantities, which will serve as a basis for determining the individual components of the system.

The first step is analysing and determining your compressed air needs. System designing should be started at the end-user level, which defines all crucial parameters of compressed air:
- Operating pressure.
- Operating temperature.
- Residual oil content.
- Residual solid particles content
- Residual water content.
- Residual bacteria content.
- Odours and smells content.
- Air volume flow rate.
- Simultaneous factor operation and others.

Separate services use different air quality. Higher quality air is more expensive to produce and you should establish air treatment lines for devices with similar quality and pressure needs. 

Solution: AIRSYS - Software for compressed air system dimensioning

dimensioning system airsys

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