Measuring equipment for compressed air

A quality air compressor is definitely an important component of every compressed air system… But without appropriate air treatment and measuring equipment, you are still only ‘’half way’’ there, as you can’t actually prove the compressed air system’s quality.

measuring equipment compressed air
This can become problematic for specific and sensitive applications such as food & beverage, electronics, chemistry, etc… where knowing the number of particles or the residual oil in the air is crucial.

Furthermore, compressed air is one of the most common and at the same time one of the most expensive energy sources in industry, but by measuring the data of your compressed air system you can transform it into a more energy-efficient installation. With only a couple of sensors or meters, you can potentially save a lot of money in energy by, for instance, adapting the electricity consumption of your machines to their real need. Most of our instruments will also help you in your audits, sometimes allowing you to optimize the size of some machines and therefore make some important savings once again.

In summary, stable product quality, process optimization and energy savings are just some of the reasons why measuring equipment is becoming an essential part of today’s compressed air/gas systems.

Thanks to our extended range of measuring equipment and whether you need mobile tools (for audit purposes) or fixed instruments (for constant monitoring), we have you covered! Our sensors, loggers, meters and analysers can count/measure the dew point, flow, temperature, leaks, solid particles or oil residuals of your compressed air system, independently or all at the same time. 


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