Nitrogen characteristics and advantages of On-Site Generators

Nitrogen is the most commonly used gas in industry and the most common pure element on earth. It is an inert gas, colorless and odorless and tasteless. Due to these properties, nitrogen is suitable for many industrial applications.

Advantages of own nitrogen production at the point of consumption (On-Site Generators)

Omega Air N-GEN nitrogen generators can be installed at the point of nitrogen consumption, which provides many advantages. The on-site nitrogen production plant ensures a short payback period.
Nitrogen production at the point of consumption is usually more cost-effective than traditional contractual gas supply (gas cylinders or liquid nitrogen in cryogenic tanks). In addition to the cost of renting a storage tank, the nitrogen supplied also includes delivery costs, fuel surcharges and hazard fees.

Nitrogen production methods
Nitrogen production methods


• Prevention of oxidation of materials
• Prevention of microbiological growth
• Reduction of fire risk and explosion
• Providing a dry atmosphere

Applications in which it is used: 

• Food industry - control of the controlled atmosphere in food and beverage packaging
• Electronic industry - high quality soldered with nitrogen atmosphere for joining electrical components on printed circuit boards
• Metal industry - laser cutting - laser cutting of metals blows away molten metal with nitrogen and at the same time prevents the access of oxygen to achieve the side effects of oxidation and discoloration of the clean edge
• Production of paints and adhesives - chemical containers are filled with nitrogen to protect them from the side effects of oxygen.

Guaranteed nitrogen quality according to user - application requirements

Nitrogen production at the point of consumption provides nitrogen of the required level of purity (nitrogen purity range from 95% to 99.999%). Omega Air N-GEN nitrogen generators are equipped with oxygen analyzers that constantly monitor the purity of the produced nitrogen and thus provide the user with information on the quality of the produced nitrogen at all times. This allows for a proactive adjustment of the process to eliminate any problems with cleanliness or delivery.


In production, there are no intermediaries at the point of consumption to deal with the timely delivery of nitrogen, which allows the user complete control.
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SKID N-GEN 25 + Booster

Why choose a nitrogen generator rather than use nitrogen in cylinders?

• Security reasons
• Easy and ready on request
• Full production control
• Production facilities meet your needs
• No icing of liquefied gas tanks
• No loss of gas due to evaporation
• Lower costs
• No contractual restrictions

Disadvantages of cryogenic nitrogen extraction

• Safety and potential hazard when handling high pressure and cryogenic vessels.
• Nitrogen losses due to gasification residues - deaeration of excess nitrogen into the atmosphere due to temperature rise in cryogenic vessels.
• High-pressure gas cylinders are also used for other gases when refilling, which leads to the possibility of contamination and the associated insufficient purity of nitrogen.
• In on-site production, there is no long-term link between equipment rental and supply.


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