Nitrogen generators and adsorption dryers to the pharmaceutical factories

This time our customer was "PHARM-SINTEZ", one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies, founded in 1997. It is carrying out a full production cycle, from the synthesis of active molecules to the release of finished dosage forms.

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The company's medicines can be found in oncology, urology, surgery, gastroenterology, gynaecology, endocrinology and radioisotope diagnostics.

Nitrogen production project objectives:
• Analysis of current needs
• Construction of a technological line for the production of nitrogen at an outlet pressure of 6 bar
• Nitrogen production with increased gas purity, with a maximum residual oxygen content of 5 ppm
• The dew point of nitrogen being -60 °C
• Residual oil content being less than 0.003 mg / m3

We offered a complete solution with our Nitrogen Generators N-GEN 200 and N-GEN 100. Characteristics of the Nitrogen Generator N-GEN 200:

 Compressed air pressure 7.5 bar
 Compressed air temperature  25 °C
 Residual oxygen content 5ppm
 Outlet nitrogen flow rate 36 m3 / h
 Gas dew point - 60 °C
 Residual oil content 0.003 mg / m3

Characteristics of the Nitrogen Generator N-GEN 100:

 Compressed air pressure 8 bar
 Compressed air temperature  25 °C
 Residual oxygen content 5ppm
 Outlet nitrogen flow rate 18 m3 / h
 Gas dew point - 60 °C
 Residual oil content 0.003 mg / m3

In order to avoid the supply of low-quality gas to the consumer, several solutions were implemented:
• Purge mode activated when the generator starts running, which when turned on, enables the generator to operate for purging before sending gas to the nitrogen receiver tank.
• Purity Control valve block installed. This assembly of analysers, valves and connectors monitors the purity of the gas before sending it to the consumer.

To operate the generator and dryer through the central control cabinet, an option has been added - remote on / off.

Communication and performance readings are sent to the control center via the MODBUS TCPIP protocol.

Pre-drying of compressed air through an R-DRY heated regeneration adsorption dryer allowed to reach a nitrogen dew point of up to -60 °C.

Pre-filtration of oil through columns of activated carbon with a filtration degree of up to 0.003 mg / m3.
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