OMEGA AIR filters cover all the aspects of upstream

Omega Air hails from the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana and cites gas filtration and drying solutions as its speciality.

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ADIPEC news page72 smallWith a staff of 240, the company’s products include filters, nitrogen and oxygen generators, desiccant dryers and pressure vessels made of stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminium at pressure range up to 420 bar (6092 psi). As a specialist in air and gas filtration and treatment, Omega Air is present all over the world, with machines now installed in all steps of upstream production, whether used for instrumental air, filtration of raw natural gas, or any other application. Omega Air’s quality management system is certified by ISO and ASME with following certificates: ISO 9001:2008 (Reg. No.: 200285), PED Pressure equipment directive (CE-PED-H1, CE-PED-H1D), ASME U and ASME UM TR CU (ex-GOST).

The industrial division is able to integrate standard or custom-made products into skid/ container-based packages according to specific project requirements. Omega Air customers demand products that are characterised by high quality and long service life. Its main markets include Russia, the Middle East and Africa.

Teamwork among the company’s highly motivated development engineers - they represent about 10 per cent of the company’s total employees - ensures excellent execution of projects. The relevant safety procedures, to avoid irregularities, are already integrated in the development and production stages, guaranteeing the highest product quality.

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