Oxygen applications

Oxygen, is present in the air with concentration around 21%. Oxygen is at atmospheric conditions always present in gas phase with no odour, colour or taste. It is a highly reactive substance, reacting with almost all elements, except inert gases. This is why it is used in a variety of oxygen applications: Medical, pharmaceutical, aquaculture, feed gas for ozone generators, glass blowing, NOx reduction for fuel burners, oxygen leaching and welding.

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Oxygen gas can be produced by either separation of gaseous air using adsorption (PSA) or fractional distillation of liquefied air using cryogenic methods. PSA can produce oxygen at various ranges of purities. Typically, purity of the oxygen produced by PSA is from 90% to 95% of the oxygen. The lower the purity, the lower is the cost of oxygen production.

Some examples of oxygen applications:

Medical Use (95 % purity)
The main advantage of on-site oxygen production is protecting against lack of supply. The other positive side is the cost reduction. Due to current situation, the global demand for oxygen generators is growing rapidly in the medical field.

Fish farms (90 % to 93 % purity) oxygen generator inox
Fish need precise levels of oxygen in the water for optimal growth, so pure oxygen need to be dosed correctly in order to ensure faster growth, less disease and stress to maintain high quality. Pure oxygen is essential in modern fish farming.

Water treatment (90 % to 95 % purity)
Pure oxygen is used in ozone production. Ozone is very useful in a variety of everyday situations, from removing odours to providing clean, quality drinking water from the tap. Clean, pure water is a fundamental human necessity. Whether for cooking or hygiene, every person needs safe water. Clean water is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain as our global water consumption continues to rise. By injecting oxygen into your water system, you can increase the efficiency of removing pollutants and impurities from your water supply.

Metal production (up to 95 % purity)
Oxygen significantly increases gold processing and ore flow, reducing the cost of cyanide and waste products. The steel industry is the largest user of oxygen. Industrial oxygen generators are also used in the production of other metals such as copper and lead. A continuous supply of large amounts of oxygen is essential for the safety of miners. Oxygen production directly on-site using oxygen generators is an efficient, cost-effective and safe way to provide such a supply.

Military and field hospitals (up to 95 % purity)
One-sixth of combat casualties typically need oxygen. This means that a field hospital with several beds would need a lot of oxygen cylinders per day. This would mean high transport costs and logistic problems. The alternative for oxygen cylinders is on-site oxygen generator which ensures reliable and safe delivery of continuous quality medical oxygen without the problems and risks associated with traditional high-pressure cylinders.

Glass production (95 % purity)
Higher product quality can be achieved by adding oxygen during glass melting. The efficiency of the melting furnace is improved, the flame temperature is increased, nitrogen-containing pollutants are reduced and energy costs are lower.
oxygen applications


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