Process and sterile filtration

Since 1988 OMEGA AIR is developing and manufacturing quality solutions for treatment of industrial as well as process air and gas.

Due to constant investment in research and development and in new production technologies we can offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of products for general purpose process filtration, steam filtration, sterile filtration and sterile ventilation of tanks.


In process industry purity requirements for air / gas are usually higher or at least different compared to purity requirements for standard industrial applications. Production of compressed air in process industry usually starts in conventional compressed air system with standard equipment for treatment of industrial compressed air / gas. At certain point there is a switchover from industrial to process filtration and from this point on different materials and filtration procedures are applied.


Due to contaminants such as solid particles, moisture, hydrocarbons or bacteria compressed air / gas when used in process can harm and cause quality and efficiency problems. Applications in process industry require compressed air or gas where above mentioned contaminants are removed or reduced to acceptable level for specific application.


In process filtration applications “sterile” refers to “free from live bacteria or other microorganisms”.

size of bacteria


To produce sterile air proper sterile filter needs to be installed (e.g. SF filter housing with VSF filter element) to filter out / intercept bacteria. It is essential that air on the inlet side of sterile filter is adequately prefiltered upstream and that complete “sterile filter installation” is sterilized regularly. Sterilization is required because intercepted bacteria can colonize in the surface of filter media and begin to grow / migrate through filter media. Two most common types of sterilization are:
- STERILIZATION IN PLACE (SIP) where filter or even larger segments of installation are sterilized with stream of steam flowing through complete filter installation. This procedure is done in place of use without removing any parts from the installation.
- AUTOCLAVE sterilization where filter element or in some cases even complete filter housing is removed from installation and sterilized in autoclave. Autoclave is a device used to sterilize products by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam.


Sterile filters eliminate micro-organisms from compressed air and they are used in processes and systems which require the highest air quality. Sterilised filters are made of materials that enable high temperature steam sterilization. The sterile filter element is used for highly efficient sterile filtration of compressed air, processed air and technical gasses.
The depth filter medium ensures highly efficient removal of submicron particles down to 0,01 μm including microorganisms (bacteria). Exceptionally strong filter element ensures highly efficient filtration and allows a large number of sterilization cycles.

The microbiological efficacy was independently evaluated by Public Health England (PHE).

Stainless steel process filters
High pressure stainless steel process filters
Stainless steel sterile filters

Stainless steel sterile filters
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