CO2-R-DRY series

CO2-R-DRY 400-20000 BP adsorption dryers are designed for continuous separation of water vapour from compressed CO2 thus lowering the dew point. CO2-R-DRY dryers have two columns that operate alternately. Adsorption takes place under pressure in the first column while the second column regenerates (heated ambient air for desorption + expanded dry CO2 purge for cooling). A dryer consists of two columns, filled with desiccant beads, a blower, heater, controller with an LCD display, valves, manometers, and a support construction. A proven and robust design enables efficient and reliable operation, fast installation and simple maintenance.



 operating presure 4 to 11 bar
 inlet air temperature range   
 1,5 to 42,5 °C
 pressure dew points -40 °C
 flow rate 390 to 20.200 Nm3/h
 average compressed air consumption  
 2 - 3 %


• CO2 systems

Technical data

co2 r dry



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