COM-DRY series - combined compressed air dryers

COM-Dry dryers have been designed for continuous separation of water vapour from compressed air thus reducing dew point. Drying consist of two steps. Refrigerant dryer first eliminates large majority of water and reduces dew point down to PDP +3°C. Further reduction of dew point is carried out by adsorption dryer. Operation of dryer is more simple compared to conventional heat regenerated adsorption dryer while average compressed air losses present only up to 4,6 %.

Com Dry dryer


 operating presure
 4 - 11 bar
 operating temperature range
 1,5 °C to 55 °C 
 pressure dew points down to -40 °C
 flow rate 6 to 6.500 Nm3/h 
 average compressed air consumption  4,6 %


  • compressed air systems

Technical data

com dry technical data



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