P-VAC series

P-VAC filters are designed for protection of vacuum pumps. These filters are optimized for high-efficient removal of solid particles and other contamination from the suction side of vacuum pumps preventing damage to the pump. Two filtration stages are available for P-VAC filters. Rough prefilter “VACP” removes bulk liquid and large solid particles, while high efficiency microfilter VACM removes very fine impurities which may damage the pump.

vacuum pump protection filters


 operating pressure 20 to 2000 mbar(abs)
 volume flow rate 7,5 to 345 Nm3/h
 connections 3/8’’ to 3’’
 operating temp. range    
 1,5 to 65 °C
 standard colour RAL 5012


• vacuum pumps

Technical data

vacuum pump protection filters




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