air treatment overview 1 Read more 1.10.2020

Module 1: Air treatment overview

In the first module, we are explaining the basics of compressed air treatment. You will learn something about atmospheric air, what is compressed air and why the air treatment is needed.

filtration technology Read more 1.10.2020

Module 2: Filtration technology

In the second module, we are talking about impurities in compressed air, quality classes, types of filtration, filtration grades, selection of appropriate filter element and other useful things.

refrigerated air dryers Read more 1.10.2020

Module 3: Refrigerated air dryers

In the third module, the main topic are refrigerated compressed air dryers. You will hear what the refrigerated dryers are, their refrigeration circuit, components that are built in, different series and how to select an appropriate refrigeration dryer.

heatless adsorption dryers Read more 1.10.2020

Module 4: Heatless adsorption dryers

In the fourth module, heatless adsorption dryers are presented. You will learn why do we need dry compressed air, our drying solutions, how adsorption dryer works, which adsorbents do we use, how to save energy and how to maintain our dryers.

heat regenerated dryers Read more 1.10.2020

Module 5: Heat regenerated adsorption dryers

In the fifth module, you will learn crucial things about heat regenerated adsorption dryers. We are explaining different types of dryers (Ambient air cooled, purge cooled, closed loop cooled, heat of compression, high pressure), where this kind of dryers are used, how relative humidity affects and how our dryers are different than others.

condensate drains Read more 1.10.2020

Module 6: Condensate drains

In the sixth module, we are talking about condensate drains. You will learn about different types (automatic, electronic, time-controlled, manual), how condensate line should be installed and how to dispose of accumulated water.

high pressure treatment Read more 1.10.2020

Module 7: Medium and high pressure compressed air treatment

In the seventh module, we are talking about medium and high pressure compressed air treatment.

measuring equipment Read more 1.10.2020

Module 8: Measuring equipment

In the eighth module, we are talking why measuring equipment is importat and which devices can help us when measuring the efficiency of complete compressor station.

n2 o2 generators Read more 1.10.2020

Module 9: Nitrogen and oxygen generators

In the ninth module, we are explaining different methods of generating nitrogen and oxygen, in which applications they are used and how our PSA generators work.

training Read more 24.10.2016

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